Sample collection instruction:

  1. Good sample: collect & supply as least 5 good samples for each product size/color/dimension. Please mark different number in each good part & fill in below information about that part. For example, if the line has 03 products, please collect 05 good samples of each product (total 5 x 3 = 15 good samples) and mark from G1 to G5
  2. Bad sample: collect & supply as many types of defect as possible that can occur in production line. Please mark different number in each part & fill in below description for each defect. For example:
    1. Label alignment defect; label is too high – B1 (as below)
    2. Label alignment defect; label is skewed over 15 degree – B2 (as below)
    3. —-
    4. Top Left Forming error (from back side) – B10 (as below)


or Dowload Our Form New Ocean – Sample_detail_sheet and send us


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