Since its launch in 2005, MTA VIETNAM has been committed to play the role of bridging the international manufacturing industry and Vietnam market.

As more foreign companies are tapping into the huge potential of Vietnam and investing resources to set up manufacturing facilities, the local community is also striving to move up the value chain and to enhance their production capabilities with high end technologies.

In tandem with the changing manufacturing landscape, MTA VIETNAM has grown to be the largest and most relevant manufacturing event in the country, bringing to the local industry the latest and greatest range of manufacturing solutions available in the global marketplace.

Invest in MTA VIETNAM2014 – the best platform to showcase your products and services to meet Vietnam’s manufacturing needs.

To register, please fill out this form and send by 25 June 2014


About New Ocean - Manufacturing Solutions

We are the solution provider in automation, machine vision. Our system will support your factory work smoothly and maximize the profit.

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