1. Identifies features photoelectric sensors cannot.

Checker vision sensors can simplify inspections that would be troublesome for photoelectric sensors—such as the presence of tapped threads or weld nuts in an automotive assembly


2. No mechanical fixturing.

An object can be inspected in any position on the belt because the vision sensor is always looking for the part.


3. External triggers are not required.

Vision sensors overcome imprecise part positioning using patented multiimage analysis to determine if a part is present.


4.Inspects multiple part features.
There is no limit to the number of part features that a single Checker vision sensor can inspect. For example, a vision sensor can inspect for the presence of a straw and an insertion on a package of juice.


5.Setup, edit and monitor inspections on a smart display or a PC.

Operators can set up new parameters or adjust existing inspections on a PC. Vision sensor activity can be displayed on a touch screen monitor making for easy operator interaction on the factory floor.


6. Accessories optimize image contra stand minimize obscuring features.

Vision sensors can be deployed with special lighting and filters to create better images and achieve more consistent and reliable results.


7. Requires fewer adjustments than photoelectric sensors.
Unlike photoelectric sensors that require frequent adjustment, vision sensors can detect objects regardless of their speed and position on the line.


Source: Collected

New Ocean Automation System provide machine vision system will help manufacturor dectecting part presence/absence, part position/orientation and measuring height, width and diameter.

For mor information, please contact Mr. Binh:

Mobile: 0987 006 894

Email: binh.nguyen@new-ocean.com.vn



About New Ocean - Manufacturing Solutions

We are the solution provider in automation, machine vision. Our system will support your factory work smoothly and maximize the profit.

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