A. Business System

We develop the item management web application with varieties of functional

  • Ordering process: Enquiries, Purchase Order, Payment (Payment gateway integration such as: PayPal, Authorize.Net, SecurePay, etc.), Invoicing, Shipping
  • Warehouse management to manage the stock of items in warehouses with different geographic location
  • Admin Control: used by back office to manage users/dealers, to proceed purchase orders
  • Third-party Integration: Payment gateway, Netsuite, Saleforce, SMS system

B. Ecommerce system customization based on the NopCommerce framework

– System Programing

Implementing network-based protocols from transport to application layer, the output could be deployed as a library, daemon, service, or a server.

Implementing high performance, batch processing server with multi-thread support on Linux system using select/poll

Implementing OS Filesystem, browser-based plug-ins

– Mobile Application

  • Hybrid framework (Phonegap, SenchaTouch)
  • iOS (iPhone and iPad)
  • Android

C. Industrial Custom Application

In combination with automation system, we build up the industrial applications which play as the upper layer, and communicate with lower called field devices, PLCs via different standard protocols such as: OPC, Modbus, industrial Ethernet, TCP/IP, RS232/485

The industrial application categorized as

  • Reporting system upon data collection from field devices
  • ERP integration where they act as a immediate layer to provide data collected in variety format from field devices to ERP system with standard format

Barcode-based Applications for production quality system and product tracking system, applications are used for verifying the production at filling and packaging steps based on the barcode matching.



About New Ocean - Manufacturing Solutions

We are the solution provider in automation, machine vision. Our system will support your factory work smoothly and maximize the profit.

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